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    Tour Infor 2018

    Snail Adventure Tours is truly reputable and professional adventure tour operator, based in Hanoi, Vietnam.  We offer wide ranges of cycling adventure tours, kayaking, hiking, trekking ,rock climbing,family cycling adventure, cycling clubs, charity organizations,  international student  camps, outdoor activities, multi- activities sports, off the beaten tracks, adventurous vacations, responsible tours based on community, eco tours and photography adventure tours in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
    Our experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic  adventure staffs would do design a tailor- made adventure tours to suit your need or you can participate in one of our carefully drafted tours. We are just a local tour operator run by local people who are fond of outdoor activities, community travel and eco tours. We love our homeland and we are eager to share a passion and strive to make our adventure tours amazing, challenging, informative and enjoyable.
    We are also committed to preserving local cultural values,the environment and we give priority of sustainable tours into our adventure tours wherever we do.we are looking forward to traveling with you while you experience in  fascinated Indochina countries

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    What is Tony Real Adventure Tours Offer

    What is Tony Real Adventure Tours offer
    Tony Real Adventure Tours is second official website of Snail Adventure tours, owned and run by Tony Nguyen, who has been working for 20 years in Adventure, would like to introduce real Adventure Tours in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar to active people around the world.
    this is truly unique, affordable and professional cycling adventure tour in Vietnam. We offer wide ranges ofhigh qualitymountain cycling adventure tours for all active people who want to explore Vietnam plus Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar by their unique way

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    Travellers must obtain vietnam visa prior to entry. Sellected citizens of certain countries are exempting for Vietnam visa. Visitors can get Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy or consultate offices in their country before departure.
    Visa are valid for 30 days and can be extended through our office in Vietnam. Getting visa to Vietnam is convenient and simple.
    Tourism may choose one of two options including Vietnam visa at Embassy, and Vietnam visa on arrival with Snail Adventure tours Co..LTd( visa picked up at Vietnam International Airports

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    Read Before Going

    Check your passport
    It is absolutely standard requirement for entry into any country in the world that  you have valided passport at least 06 months beyond the date you complete your travel. If your passport have less than 06 month validity you should to apply a new one before you start you trip. If you do apply for new one, make sure you can get it before  travel date. If your passport has only few pages left, you should have more pages insert. In most parts of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia you will have to show your passport when check into hotels, resorts, guesthouses and homestays. You will also need it when you buy airline, tickets, changing airline date,exchange money, traveler’s cheques in local banks.

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