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    31-07-2017 KNOWLEDGE

    Rules of the roads
    ·         Always wear a correctly  adjusted helmets
    ·         Always ride at the speed you are comfortable with
    ·         Do not  over do it or ride beyond your abilities as accidents are not fun. If stretches are too technical for you. It is better to walk than fall.
    ·         Always ride with at least one another person incase of difficulty
    ·         Give each of other plentyof space the tracks – nothing is worse than a file up.
    ·         The person infront  has right of way anh may not be aware of what a person behind doing, so if you overtaking, let the person in front of you know which side you passing on.
    ·         Always stop at Junctions, unless specifically told not  to by the guide
    ·         If in doubt as to the route, stop and wait for the rest of the group and tour leader
    ·         If you get lost, go back to the last place where you were sure you saw other group members and wait them where we will find you.
    ·         In general,  the leader rides at or near  the back of the group, and the supported vehicles ( where applicable) are right at the back. With two guides one will be towards the front, one at the back
    ·         For safety, always know the final destination for each day, alway carry some money and emergency number
    ·         Drink plenty of water and take some energy bars incase you get hungry between meals.
    Dogs: dont try to race off. Stop normally enough to frighten the dogs aways, get off your bike  kneeling between you and the dog and pretend  to througha stone and throw one if you have to.

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